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Broken capillaries, otherwise known as Telangiectasia, occur when very small blood capillary vessels are permanently overfilled with blood due to weak blood vessel walls. The condition develops as we age. Extreme cold weather and UV exposure make the condition worse. Common areas are the face, décolletage and legs.

Treatment options
Laser NdYAG: During laser treatment, light pulses are sent into the veins, which impede their blood flow and eventually destroys them. Laser is exceptional at being able to target and seal capillaries, as well as other skin blemishes. The treatment is very precise and many capillaries can be treated in a small period of time. Typically your nose or facial capillaries take only 15 minutes. Other areas that are commonly treated are the legs, but can be used on any part of the body. $99 for 15 minutes, $179 for 30 minutes

Vasculyse RF: VascuLyse uses mild RadioFrequency (RF) to generate targeted ‘heat energy’ to capillary vessels, effectively eliminating skin blemishes without damaging the skin. It is fast, relatively painless and produces immediate results for many skin blemishes. Most skin conditions can be successfully and permanently treated in 1-3 treatments without any risk of lesion to the skin itself. This is most effective on the face. $145 (15 mins)


Pigmentation is the increase in skin colour, due to melanin produced in the base layer of skin cells. Causes include Sun exposure, Trauma and Hormonal stimulation. The Dermal Distinction team will determine the cause of your pigmentation, and the best treatment for you. Pigmentation triggers may be ongoing, so long-term treatment plans may be needed, along with daily sunscreen.
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Treatment options
Cosmelan: Developed especially for Hormonal pigmentation (Melasma), but suitable for all skin types and colours, this two-part treatment consists of a professional in clinic mask application and a home maintenance program.
Most people will see a significant improvement in their skin colour, tone and texture after one week. In about 3-6 weeks they can observe a brighter, glowing and healthier skin.
Results will continue coming through as long as you maintain your home care regime and refrain from excessive sun exposure.
$1200, inc 3 month home care kit, 3 Green LED facials at review [1 week, 1 month, 3 month]

Dermapen: Dermapen is able to work at each layer of the skin due to its flexibility, technology and the use of ampoule infusion. The procedure is safe and effective. $410
The Dermal Distinction method
Step 1: Pharmaceutical numbing cream is applied before treatment.
Step 2: Dermapen Skin needling is undertaken with Depigmentation ampoule infusion.
Step 3: LED Light therapy to further stimulate the collagen production.
Treatment Plan: 6 sessions, spaced 14 days to 28 days apart

Peels: Using a series of chemical peels, the pigmented cells are raised to the surface and lost, lightening the skin. Your dermal therapist will discuss the best peel options with you. Read more about PEELS HERE.
Lasers work by emitting a wavelength of high energy light, which when focused on a certain skin condition will create heat and destroy diseased cells. Combining Laser Nd:Yag toning and fragmentation of uneven pigmentation assists in evening the skin colour and texture. The result is a gradual, natural improvement through a series of treatments which cleanses pores, reduces pore size; improves fine lines, wrinkles and acne, leaving the skin vibrantly rejuvenated. $99 for 15 minutes, $179 for 30 minutes

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Milia are very small, raised, pearly-white or yellowish bumps on the skin. They are most often seen on the skin around the cheeks, nose, eyes and eyelids, forehead and chest. However, they can occur anywhere on the body. They are harmless, but look unsightly.
Skin Tags are small, soft skin growths and are one of the most common bumps on adult skin. Skin tags are harmless but can be annoying. Skin tags occur on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds, and under breasts.

Vasculyse Radiofrequency can be used for removal of both blemishes. The Vsaculyse probe is held on the skin surface for just a few seconds. The blemish will resolve in 1-2 treatments, with very little redness that soon disappears. Final results range from 3-21 days depending on the treatment.
$145 (15 mins)
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Laser Nd:Yag Hair Reduction
By pulsing gentle beams of light into the hair follicle, your pigment absorbs the light, which prevents treated hair from growing back.

Our medical grade laser is the truly advanced technology and can be used to treat both light and dark skin types. Our Dermal Therapists are trained and certified to determine a treatment plan that is best suited to both your skin and hair type. Most clients will achieve a reduction within 6-10 treatments, depending on the area being treated. Hormonal areas, such as female faces will require more treatments, possibly even indefinitely, as the body stimulates new hairs.

For best results, it is important to return to your next session as soon as you begin to see the hairs returning. It is best to shave the area to be treated 3-4 days beforehand.
Upper lip $79
Under arms $59
Full leg $299 (Lower Leg $149)
Full arm and under arms $199
Bikini $79 (Brazilian $109)
Shoulders $149
Full Back $299

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