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Aspect Hydrating Mask

  • Aspect Hydrating Mask
  • Aspect Hydrating Mask
  • Aspect Hydrating Mask
  • Aspect Hydrating Mask
  • Aspect Hydrating Mask


Skin Rehab for dry and stressed skin. A mask that is like a swim in a deep ocean of hydration and with anti-ageing ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, Olive oil and Grape Seed Extract
A super-hydrating mask that is nourishing and balancing at the same time.
+ A blend of hydrating agents and antioxidants designed to protect against free radicals, while fighting against the visible signs of ageing skin.
+ This mask can be used as part of a medi-facial or ongoing as part of a home-care regime.


+ Suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin colours
+ Suitable for All skin conditions including sensitive skins


Apply a 5 cent piece of Aspect Hydration Mask treatment to clean skin in an upward direction and leave on your skin for up to 20 minutes. The mask will not dry, allowing moisture to continuously infuse into your skin.


+ Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Extract | gives your hands an intense dose of antioxidant protection to help fight against damaging free radicals and environmental assault.
Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter | this multi-tasking natural skin-lubricant combination replenishes the skin, perfecting it to a soft and supple texture.
Green Tea and Echinacea Extracts | a powerful source of antioxidants and ultra-soothing for sensitive hands needing soothing. Willowbark and Comfrey Extracts | Natural botanical extracts that help cleanse and detoxify the skin.
Hyaluronic Acid and Glycosaminoglycans | provide an intense dose of thirst quenching hydration to soften fine lines and the signs of ageing on the hands.


Jenna, 29
My go-to Winter Mask!
Perfect for cold and wintery weather. Keeps my dry skin extra hydrated and glowing for when my skin needs some extra care.

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Aspect Hydrating Mask 118ml


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