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Lip Filler overview
Who can have lip fillers?
What happens during a lip filler treatment?
What are the side effects and risks of lip fillers?
How do lip filler treatments work?
How do you prepare for a lip filler treatment?
What happens during a lip filler treatment?
Ho much do lip fillers cost?

Lip Filler overview

lip enhancement balwyn

Some of us never had lip volume. Others have lost the volume they once had. Whatever the reason, lips are the centre of every conversation and every smile. Restoring and enhancing lips with a lip enhancement is very important to the overall proportion of our face. We have performed hundreds of procedures for lip filler in Melbourne.

The lip enhancements we create at Dermal Distinction are natural and within proportion. Our entire team is geared towards truly understanding lips and the best shape to create for you. Additionally all our lip filler appointments are performed using dental anaesthetic so they are completely comfortable. Skin treatments will be undertaken as a part of a full assessment.

lip enhancement balwyn
lip enhancement in Balwyn

How do Lip Filler treatments work?

Dr. Giulia will assess your natural lip and carefully tailor your treatment to suit your face. A combination of local anaesthetic and numbing gel will be used to ensure you are comfortable. Dr. Giulia commonly uses a micro-cannula (fine blunt-ended instrument) to administer the Dermal Filler, which tends to reduce bruising and swelling and other risks, but may fine-tune the results with a small needle to achieve your best result. Ultimately, Dr. Giulia will approach your treatment based on the best combination of injectable techniques to achieve the right result for your lips after considered assessment.

Following your Lip Filler treatment, you may experience some swelling and possibly some bruising, although many of Dr. Giulia’s clients leave with little evidence of treatment and can get on with their day. Even so, it is best to time your treatment well with your social calendar.

In conjunction with Lip Filler treatment, Dr. Giulia can also improve your jowls, lip corners and marionette lines to smooth the mouth and make it appear balanced and natural. Our clients love the results we achieve.

What happens during a lip filler treatment?

Step One - Consultation and Consent

It is important to understand that, dermal fillers are prescription only medicines, and this means that it is important that we know about you and your medical history, and what you would like to achieve as part of the lip filler treatment.. Additionally, the anatomy of the face is complex, it is advisable the you only allow expertly qualified practitioners, like Dr Giulia D'Anna, carry out filler treatments.

Step Two - The Treatment

Your treatment will take around 30 - 45 minutes. We will take photos of you. Then the first part of your treatment will be administering an anaesthetic to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. We will then proceed with treatment. We will give you instructions of after-care procedures and organise a review appointment.

Step Three - The Check-Up

It is always good practice for your practitioner to offer a follow up visit, and we usually schedule this for one week after your initial lip filler treatment. This allows Dr Giulia to check that the filler is sitting nicely, and that we have reached our desired outcome. On occasion, we may add further filler to achieve your best lip enhancement outcome.

Step Four - The Repeat Treatment

Depending on how quickly you metabolise the filler, the lip movement and initial size, and which product you were treated with, you will require a repeat treatment 6-24 months after your initial treatment. Your practitioner will advise regarding when you may require a repeat treatment.

What types of lip filler are there?

1. Super soft and natural lips - This will add volume but not a lot of structure. This is perfect for the person who would like a very natural lip enhancement, whilst maintaining their original overall shape

2. Natural Lip Form - this adds both volume and some structure to the lip. We can improve the lip line, without creating lip borders that are exaggerated.

3. Volume Lip - Firmness, volume and lip shape, all whilst being naturally fuller.

4. Super Lip Plumper - this adds definition that is photo ready! We can define the lip line, lip shape and add volume all in the one procedure. The Super lip plumper goes the distance and is for those that want to be noticed.

natural lip filler injections melbourne

Who will do my lip filler?

Your lip filler treatment in our Balwyn studio will be undertaken by Dr Giulia D'Anna, a dentist. She has been recognised as an Australian expert by a leading dermal filler global brand. She has also achieved the highest standard of training, having undertaken many training certifications.

lip filler before and after melbourne
lip filler before and after melbourne

How much do lip fillers cost?

Costs vary depending mostly on the type of dermal filler used and the degree of filling and contouring required.

Generally, prices for dermal fillers are based upon the estimated number of syringes needed to obtain the required result. Syringes usually come in 1ml volumes.

Hence, overall prices may vary, but we have a guide below.

When filling lips, it's key to note that you may be advised to have multiple sittings in order to get the required result.
Our fees are listed HERE

  • lip filler balwyn before case 1
  • lip filler balwyn after case 1
  • lip filler balwyn before case 2
  • lip filler balwyn after case 2
  • lip filler balwyn before case 3
  • lip filler balwyn after case 3

It is important to remember that the clients shown in the pictures above all have their own individual features and concerns, which may be different to yours. It is always important to seek a second opinion from a suitably qualified person.

What are the risks of lip fillers?

Depending on the area being injected, the type of filler being used and the pain relief method being used, clients may find this procedure relatively painless to uncomfortable. For lip filler in our Balwyn studio, our clients will be able to have dental numbing, experiencing no pain at all.

The obvious, immediate and most common side effect is slight bleeding after the needle has been inserted into the skin. Other risks include bruising, tenderness, redness and swelling around the injection site. These signs may take 2-3 days to vanish completely, especially around the lips where there is little flesh and skin is tender.

Rarely, allergic type reactions can occur after a filler treatment. These include prolonged redness, swelling, itching and/or hardness and bumps in the skin. Such signs may appear at some or all injection points. We will manage these at the follow up visit, should they occur.

As with any skin treatment, injections should be avoided in areas where the skin is swollen or where infections are present, for example active acne. If you have a history of cold sores, or fever blisters in the treated area, filler injections may result in break outs. In this case, your practitioner may recommend that you take a course of anti-viral medicine before treatment. We will not undertake lip filler on pregnant or lactating women, as safety has not been tested.

natural asian lip filler before and after melbourne
natural asian lip filler before and after melbourne

What happens after a lip filler treatment?

After your treatment, you can go about your normal day.

Post-treatment advice may include:

  • The use of anti-histamines to reduce swelling, but this resolves on its own within 24 hours.
  • the use of mild analgesics to reduce any discomfort for the first 24 hours.
  • arnica (a homeopathic remedy) cream or tablets are sometimes recommended a few days before and a few days after treatment as there is some evidence that this can reduce bruising.
  • Bruising and swelling should go down after a couple of days but can persist for a week.

If you experience more than mild discomfort or colour changes, it is important that you contact us so we can check on you. Similarly, if you experience any delayed reactions such as lumpy redness occurring any time after treatment, you should contact us. In 99.5% of cases, everything will proceed as expected and the lip filler will settle in nicely.

Who can have lip fillers?

Lip enhancement using dermal fillers is suitable for all adults, regardless of race and gender. When we undertake lip fillers in Balwyn, we will assess your face and lip structure and select the best lip filler for you.

natural lip filler before and after melbourne
natural lip filler before and after melbourne

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