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Lip Enhancement
Dermal Distinction

Cosmetic Injectables | Clinical Skin Care

Lip Enhancement

Dermal Distinction
Cosmetic Injectables | Clinical Skin Care

Painless and natural Lip enhancement with cosmetic injections in Kew, Hawthorn and Doncaster

In our Balwyn clinic, we love to see clients from all areas including performing:
Lip filler in Kew
Lip Filler in Doncaster
Lip Filler in Hawthorn
Lip filler in Balwyn
Russian Lips
Russian lip filler

Our lip enhancement is painless as we use full dental numbing.

plump hydrated lips
Painless lip enhancement
natural proportions
Plump hydrated lips
Painless lip enhancement
Gentle technique
Proper proportions
natural results
1. Why Enhance Lips

Some of us never had lip volume. Others have lost the volume they once had. Whatever the reason, lips are the centre of every conversation and every smile. Restoring and enhancing lips with a lip enhancement is very important to the overall proportion of our face.

2. Why choose us

The lip enhancements we create at Dermal Distinction are natural and within proportion. Our entire team is geared towards truly understanding lips and the best shape to create for you. Additionally all our lip filler appointments are performed using dental anaesthetic so they are completely comfortable. Skin treatments will be undertaken as a part of a full assessment.

~ Natural lips
~ TGA approved lip filler
~ Natural shape

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3. Our Lip Fillers

Lip filler, or dermal filler, are made from a natural sugar molecule that is found in skin and lips. Our dermal filler products are high grade medical products that are TGA-listed.
The lip filler enhancement will integrate with your own tissues so that they feel and look natural. The filler is gradually broken down by your own normal metabolic processes.
Most people need at least 1ml of filler, and this is $565.

We have a number of different options when it comes to lip filler.
1. Super soft and natural lips - This will add volume but not a lot of structure. This is perfect for the person who would like a very natural lip enhancement, whilst maintaining their original overall shape
2. Natural Lip Form - this adds both volume and some structure to the lip. We can improve the lip line, without creating lip borders that are exaggerated.
3. Volume Lip - Firmness, volume and lip shape, all whilst being naturally fuller.
4. Super Lip Plumper - this adds definition that is photo ready! We can define the lip line, lip shape and add volume all in the one procedure. The Super lip plumper goes the distance and is for those that want to be noticed.

4. The Process

Step one: Before your lip filler appointment, you will have an in-person consultation with our injector about your lip enhancement procedure, along with a dental examination.
Step two: Dental anaesthesia is used around the lips so that you are completely comfortable with treatment (no ineffective creams, ice or jumping or tears!)
Step three: Using the gentlest Lip enhancement cannula technique, we will enhance your lips, keeping the proportions natural and the result lump free.
Step four: One week after treatment, we will review the lip enhancement result, and make sure your result is natural.

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Lip filler before and after photos

LIP FILLER: Before After
LIP FILLER: Before After
LIP FILLER: Before After
LIP FILLER: Before After
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