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Liquid Face Lift

Dermal Distinction

Liquid Face Lift

Dermal Distinction

Cosmetic injections melbourne

Painless and natural Lip enhancement with cosmetic injections in Kew, Hawthorn and DoncasterPainless and natural Lip enhancement with cosmetic injections in Kew, Hawthorn and DoncasterLip filler in KewLip Filler in DoncasterLip Filler in HawthornLip filler in BalwynRussian LipsRussian lip fillerpainless lip filler in melbournepainless lip filler in balwynnatural lip filler in balwynnatural lip filler in melbournesubtle lip filler in melbournetear trough filler in melbourneskin doctor in melbourneskin treatment in balwynskin treatment in melbournecheek filler in melbournejawline filler in melbournechin filler in melbournetemple filler in melbournenose filler in melbournenon surgical treatment in melbournebrow lift in melbournetear trough filler in balwyncheekbone filler in balwynnon surgical facelift in balwynboroondara cosmetic injections.Cosmetic injections Melbourne

In our Balwyn clinic, we love to see clients from all areas including performing:
Lip filler in Kew
Lip Filler in Doncaster
Lip Filler in Hawthorn
Lip filler in Balwyn
Nasolabial fold filler
Undereye filler
Tear trough filler
Non surgical rhinoplasty
Under eye cosmetic injection

Our lip enhancement is painless as we use full dental numbing.


Non Surgical cosmetic treatment

What happens as we get older?

As we age, multiple changes within the face can result in a tired look with lower face sagging, flattening of the cheeks, lines and wrinkles and lacklustre skin.

Changes that occur with ageing are a result of changes to the skin secondary to environmental factors (sun damage, smoking, diet), genetic factors and changes to the underlying fat, musculature and bone.

What is a liquid Face Lift?

A Liquid facelift can help to combat the changes that occur with ageing, helping to slow down the sagging and folds/winkles that occur over time. The Liquid Face Lift is a non-invasive and subtle rejuvenation procedure which treats the face as a whole. This results in a natural look with facial features working in harmony with one another.

The Liquid Face lift involves the injection of small amounts of a temporary dermal filler. The filler is strategically placed in areas of the face where significant volume loss has occurred. This then adds support and volume to the skin resulting in a visible lift.

Gummy smile non surgical facelift

Will I still look natural?

By using specifically identified injection points at precise anatomical landmarks, the Liquid Face lift can deliver consistent results by supporting the facial ligaments and skin. Further filler can also be injected into areas of the face requiring further volume replacement for a total rejuvenation. You will look exactly like you, just fresher!


What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is non-invasive with minimal down time. A consultation with our cosmetic injectors is essential prior to having any treatment. A treatment plan will be arranged to address individual concerns and desired aesthetic outcome.

Small amounts of dermal filler are injected into various areas of the face to give maximal results, in the majority of cases specifically defined injection points will be used. Various techniques may be used depending on individual requirements.

The full treatment will take approximately 60 minutes. Sometimes combination treatment with dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers can be performed in other areas

The amount of dermal filler used in a liquid facelift does vary. A minimum of 4ml is usually required using a long lasting dermal filler. Treatment may need to be repeated in order to obtain maximal results. Up to 8ml of dermal filler may be needed in certain cases.

What other treatments are possible with non surgical treatments?

The addition of muscle relaxant injections to the dermal filler results in a further enhanced look with long lasting results.

Muscle relaxing injections add the effect of softening wrinkles preventing further development of lines and wrinkles.

Skin tightening treatments, like Venus Viva RF and a toning Laser facial can also assist in helping to resist sagging and improve skin quality.

Great skincare will also help to look after the investment you make in yourself. We will recommend high quality, moderately priced products to suit your skin and assist your rejuvenation process.


Dermal filler treatment guide

Cheek Bone Enhancement

Balancing the facial shape is so important when restructuring the changes that occur with ageing. The most common place to start is with cheek enhancement. The cheekbone dermal filler builds up the sunken facial profile, lifting the nasolabials, jowls and lower parts of the face.


Cheek enhancement can address multiple concerns in the face as the mid-face region (below the eyes to the lips) is often the first part of the face to show signs of ageing.
As we age, the fat pads under our skin, which normally support the overlying skin and add contour to our face, begin to flatten and migrate down the face.
Combined with a loss of facial fat and changes to bone structure, this results in the loss of the natural contour of the cheek, flattening of the face and the development of nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines) and jowl formation.

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Facial contouring, structural lift of the cheeks and nasolabial fold


None to 2 days (treatment dependent)


30 to 45 minutes

Patient dependent, based on your facial profile


6 to 18 months (treatment dependent)


Not suitable for pregnancy

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It is important to remember that the clients shown in the pictures above all have their own individual features and concerns, which may be different to yours. It is always important to seek a second opinion from a suitably qualified person. We work with each person to identify the best treatments for you so that we can achieve a result that you are happy with and looks good for you. Our aim is to naturally enhance you, whilst making you look like the best version of yourself.

It is important to remember that the clients shown in the pictures above all have their own individual features and concerns, which may be different to yours. It is always important to seek a second opinion from a suitably qualified person.


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