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Dermal Distinction
Cosmetic Injectables | Clinical Skin Care


Dermal Distinction
Cosmetic Injectables | Clinical Skin Care

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Skin scar treatment

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting, or you’re currently nursing your new addition, congratulations! Discover the products from our range which are suitable for use during this exciting time. If you are newly pregnant you may be noticing some big changes in your skin. Your hormones are changing all over the place, and this can can result in an increase in oil, sweat, and increased circulation, which can look like “pregnancy glow”.

For some of us, increased oil and sweat means pimples and breakouts, splotchy and red looking skin! Argh! Pregnancy can also wreak havoc with your barrier protection, leading to dry, irritated or sensitive skin.

skincare for pregancy


It’s important during pregnancy to review any prescription creams you may have been prescribed pre-pregnancy.

The most important thing you can do for your skin pre-pregnancy, during and post-pregnancy is to incorporate the use of a high quality, daily SPF 50+ into your skincare regime.
Pregnancy-safe products should include Vitamin B, antioxidants such as Vitamin C, and exfoliants like your AHA/BHA products.

Deep cleansers are generally better at dealing with the increased oil and sweat production. Moisturisers should be a little lighter than you might be used to. Ingredients like Resveratrol, Vitamin B and E are also perfect.


Chemical Peels

Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel
The Cosmedix pomegranate peel (a little more effective than their well know Blueberry smoothie peel) is a therapeutic, antioxidant superficial face peel. Helps treat superficial sun damage & improve discolouration. The Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel is safe for pregnancy. $110

Aspect Dr Lactobotanical Peel
The well-known Aspect Dr skincare Lactic acid. Smoothes fine lines, hydrates and diminishes hyperpigmentation. Aspect Dr Lactobotanical peel is essential for dry or sensitive skins. This is safe for pregnancy $110

treatment for pregnant skin


Dermafrac works on the upper layers of skin, with no down time leaving the Face & Neck radiant and glowing. $245

The Dermafrac treatment
Step 1: Double cleanse & exfoliate the skin.
Step 2: The Dermafrac roller has micro needles that stimulate collagen & cell renewal. The skin is infused with potent serums to boost treatment.
Step 3: LED therapy promotes collagen & suppresses inflammation and redness.

This treatment is SAFE for both pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Exfoliation in Pregnancy

Refreshes dull skin, reduces pigmentation, scarring, fine lines, blackheads and acne. Includes a double Aspect Dr deep cleanse. A two-step system of intense exfoliation and stimulation to gently polish and rejuvenate the skin. $125

Dermablading Facial
Includes a double Aspect Dr deep cleanse. Full Face dermablading is undertaken painlessly. The outer skin is exfoliated, and all the fine peach fuzz hair is eliminated. Custom serum infusion from the Aspect Dr and Cosmedix skincare ranges will be applied to hydrate and nourish the skin.
Your skin will feel and look flawless. $125


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