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Ageing Skin

Dermal Distinction
Cosmetic Injectables | Clinical Skin Care

Ageing Skin

Dermal Distinction
Cosmetic Injectables | Clinical Skin Care


Treatment for lines and wrinkles, and skin tightening

The Dermal Distinction team have identified the latest, safest and most effective treatments to increase collagen production, leading to increased skin elasticity.
Our revolutionary treatments will visibly tighten your skin and reduce lines and wrinkles, and hydrate your skin

Premature ageing

When we are our young, most of us have healthy, bright and elastic skin that heals rapidly if injured. Later in life, visible signs of growing older include wrinkles, sagging skin and an increasing number of age spots, freckles, moles and other changes to pigmentation caused by sunlight. As we age, the skin becomes thinner and blood vessels become visible, our pores may also increase in size.There are changes beneath the surface too, as the collagen and elastic fibres that allow our skin to stretch start to degrade.
The level of hydrating sugars in our skin reduce, leaving our skin dryer and rougher. And there will be changes in skin tone, fat distribution and elasticity that mean facial contours also alter. Older skin retains less water and becomes dryer and thinner, making it more susceptible to irritation and infection, while wounds take longer to heal.

skincare for ageing skin
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Serums should include vitamin a or retinol. This is scientifically proven to be the best anti-ageing ingredient all round. Include hyaluronic acid serums, which improve skin hydration and make the skin glow and look beautiful.
Moisturisers should also include similar ingredients to Dry skin moisturisers, as the natural ability of the skin to stay hydrated is lower than when we are young.

Finally to help feed the skin, copper peptides and
vitamin c are essential building blocks for collagen production. These ingredients can also be useful in their antioxidant effects and helping to safe guard against free radicals too.
All of this needs to be topped off with SPF, as UVA is responsible for at least 80% of skin ageing.




Dermafrac works on the upper layers of skin, with no down time leaving the Face & Neck radiant and glowing. $245

The Dermafrac treatment
Step 1: Double cleanse & exfoliate the skin.
Step 2: The Dermafrac roller has micro needles that stimulate collagen & cell renewal. The skin is infused with potent serums to boost treatment.
Step 3: LED therapy promotes collagen & suppresses inflammation and redness.

Upgrade: Intense Super-charged 20 min LED treatment with additional Hydrating mask to be used for 3 days $40

Laser Facial

At Dermal Distinction, we start your Laser Genesis Facial Toning appointment with exfoliation. We perform an Aspect Fruit Enzyme Peel that gently exfoliates and dissolves dead skin build-up to allow the laser to penetrate and treat more effectively. Our Laser Sensation Toning facial uses a combination of wavelengths over your face to improve your outcome. Post-treatment, a Société Gel Peptide Mask is applied to soothe and hydrate. $245

Upgrade option:
Addition of an Aspect Dr Lactic peel to allow for improved penetration and smoother focussed laser light benefits. $110


Venus Viva

Venus Viva radiofrequency (RF) heats the collagen fibres in the skin, causing tightening and also stimulation of new collagen. Scars are visibly reduced after just one session, but usually need somewhere between 3-6 treatments for more complete resolution. We will apply numbing cream to your skin for 30 mins before treatment, and finalise your treatment with an LED facial. Six treatments are recommended. Full face and Neck (including LED facial) 90 mins - $650
Treatments include:
• Face and Neck skin tightening
• Wrinkles, and reduce pore size
• General skin laxity, elasticity loss & rejuvenation

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