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Boosting hydration

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Boosting hydration

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Hydration treatments | At a glance

3 treatments
Varies with treatment chosen
0-2 days
60 mins
Cosmetic practitioner
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Hydration overview
What are can boost skin hydration?
Can I combine other treatments with hydration treatments?
Is there any downtime with treatment?

Boosting hydration | Overview

How do you boost hydration?

Hydration can come from the inside-out, but also the outside-in.

We can apply topical skincare and creams to our skin, but this will only get us so far. To really boost the skin, we need to penetrate deeper.

For some patients this will involve the Aqualift device and exosomes. These are enzymes that help to improve skin quality and texture, as well as hydration.

For other patient, this will involve skin pen micro needling, using serums designed to improve skin hydration.

To really boost the skin hydration, we can provide treatments that involve cosmetic medical procedures. These treatments can only be undertaken after a cosmetic consultation, where we assess your skin, overall health and desired outcomes.

Why does skin lose hydration?

There are a number of reasons.

The epidermis is a protective layer at the top of our skin, but sometimes due to age or the environment, it is less able to be a complete barrier. This means that we can have water loss at the skin surface. You have likely noticed this on a really windy day or when you spend time in air conditioning.

Deep inside the skin, we have collagen and elastin surrounded by a natural sugar molecule in the skin. The sugar molecule helps to make our skin soft and supple, attracting 1000 molecules of water for every strand. But we lose the sugar molecule over time, so as we lose this important skin element, we start to lose the ability to retain hydration in the skin.

We have treatments that are targeted at both the surface of the skin (such as HydroFacial, peels and similar), and those that are cosmetic medical treatments. When you have your consultation, we will be able to guide you in the best treatment for you, along with costs and expected outcomes.

How long do skin hydration results last?

Some of the treatments will last a week or so. Others give a much longer lasting effect. It will vary widely based on you, your requirements and the treatment undertaken.

Unfortunately we cannot give you specific details on our website, but can talk to you in great detail when you arrive for your cosmetic consultation with our registered health practitioner.

For most treatments, you may return to normal activities after your treatment, although it is recommended that you refrain from exercise for eight hours following treatment.

Where can you boost skin hydration?

Hydration will benefit the entire face and neck. Think of it like moisturiser - you need it all over. The amount of hydration released from the treatment can improve skin health significantly. We can treat:

+ Premature ageing
+ Lines/wrinkles not created by muscle
+ Crow’s feet around the eyes
+ Neck
+ Cheeks & smokers lines
+ Dehydrated skin

Can I combine skin hydration boosters with other treatments?

Absolutely. Though they perform different functions, they are commonly used together with skin needling and cosmetic medical rejuvenation procedures for the best outcomes..

The Skin hydration works best just under the skin, whereas other treatments can shape the face and provide structure.

Cosmetic Consultation

In accordance with guidelines set out by TGA, we can not display our pricing about cosmetic medical treatment, or any before and after photos. When you attend for your consultation, we will provide a good guide of the results you may achieve, along with details of treatment, costs and timelines.


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