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Beauty Tips & tricks

Dermal Distinction

Beauty Tips & tricks

Dermal Distinction

6 tips for anti-ageing

Embrace a fresh take on skin treatments

Patients have more options than ever before, particularly when it comes to more advanced skin treatments, such as anti-wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers.

There has been a rise in both the popularity and acceptance of anti-ageing or age management treatments over the last decade in particular. In medical surveys undertaken in Australia have shown that three-quarters of Australians believe that non-surgical cosmetic treatments are an acceptable and the perfect options to address the signs of ageing.

As technology advances, there are so many new anti-ageing treatments to explore. We continue to see improvements in technology, making treatments more effective and less invasive. This translates to very little downtime, depending upon the treatment option selected.

If dermal fillers are not your jam, superficial skin treatments and skincare are premium options. We know that some women are very interested with results, and maintaining them is best done with
medical-based skincare to extend the results. In the coming years, we at Dermal Distinction can see that more products with active ingredients will arrive. These ingredients will penetrate in the epidermis and create real change, not just fluffy feelings.

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6 Cosmetic Treatments to try

For those with sun damage and ageing concerns, there are treatments that can improve the appearance of your skin and don't involve the more invasive procedures necessary for deeper lines or more severe damage.

1. Peels

Chemical peels involve a professional therapist applying an acid solution (lactic or salicylic) with the aim of removing a layer or layers of superficial skin. The strength and type of acid will be curated to your individual needs.
RESULTS Peels have so many benefits, including diminishing dark spots to reveal a brighter complexion. They will also improve skin hydration by shedding the thickened outer layer so that skincare can actually penetrate the skin. Superficial peels have no or minimal downtime with only transient redness, dryness and skin flaking the following day.
COST $140 to $350 for superficial to medium depth peels.
RISKS Skin irritation is usually minimal or non-existent. Occasionally there will be light flaking afterwards as the skin renews and refreshes.


2. Microdermabrasion

A microdermabrasion treatment uses a diamond tipped treatment probe and a vacuum to exfoliate the skin. The treatment is gentle and remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis.
RESULTS After a microdermabrasion, texture is improved to give you a more glowing complexion, but it usually only has minimal or temporary benefits.
COST $170 to $200 per treatment
RISKS Redness and discolouration in the skin may occur. Skin can be a bit tingly to active skincare for up to 2 days after treatment.

3. Laser Toning Facial

Laser Toning use light to rejuvenate the skin. The procedure, which involves short bursts of light, is painless. You feel a warmth slowly grow within the skin which the light energy being absorbed in the deeper layers. Laser toning is good for a lunch-time procedure, which is a great skin rejuvenation procedure. Results are best when repeated several times.
RESULTS Downtime is generally limited to a feeling of warmth, or perhaps some redness sue to the stimulation of the skin
COST $400 to $700 per treatment for the full face
RISKS Redness, warmth from within. This procedure is not suitable for darker skin and you should use a pigment inhibitor to prepare your skin.


4. Anti-wrinkle Injections

Injections of muscle relaxant are a pharmaceutical that are precisely prescribed and administered for you. They can be used in a number of areas such as the frown, forehead, crows feet and grinding muscles. Great results such as a brow lift, a jowl lift and jawline definition can also be undertaken using this miracle drug.
RESULTS There is almost no-downtime, and the results last around 3-4 months for most people. Maintenance treatment will be required when the muscle begins to be active again.
COST $200-350 for the forehead, but this varies with your muscle activity.
RISKS Bruising, swelling (for around 5 mins after treatment), headache, tenderness and changed movement are all possible.

5. Dermal Fillers

Using a naturally occurring sugar molecule, fillers help to plump up the skin, giving a more youthful look. Unlike muscle relaxant injections, dermal filler actually 'fills-out' the lines and creases, and restores the contours tot he face that are usually lost over time.
RESULTS Immediate results that continue to improve for a few weeks after treatment. The skin quality usually improves too, as the natural sugar attracts water so that skin hydration is optimised.
COST Varies widely, but starts at $520
RISKS Bruising and swelling are the most common risks. More serious risks include vascular occlusion and extremely rarely blindness (occurring in 0.0001% of injections). It is important to speak to Giulia about your treatment.

6. Fractional Venus Viva RF

Venus Viva RF treatment is a powerful treatment, with phenomenal results. Fractional treatments mean that only pinpoint resurfacing happens, leading to minimal downtime and fewer risks. So using a stamp-like action, micro-pins are pressed onto the skin, and then the radiofrequency (RF) energy is transmitted deep into the skin. This creates an impressive amount of collagen, whilst controlling damaged skin such as scars and skin laxity. Skin tightening is a major benefit of this treatment.
RESULTS It creates fresher and smoother skin, but be prepared for some redness, minor swelling and peeling for about 7 days after treatment.
COST Starts at $550 per treatment
RISKS Minor itching, redness, swelling and minute scabs are common. These usually subside after 7 days.

Treatments for your age

20S AND 30S

Most women and men have fine lines and often sun damage, but few wrinkles. Treatments including a laser toning facial, microdermabrasion and peels might be beneficial to improve skin tine and texture, along with topical products containing antioxidants or retinol.


Wrinkles become more prominent around the eyes, mouth and the forehead. Injectables or dermal fillers are popular to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Venus Viva is perfect at starting to tighten the skin and resurface. A Nefertiti Lift is a preventive treatment to reduce the downward pull of the face.



We all know that wrinkles become deeper and more permanently ingrained in the skin. A combination of treatments may be beneficial, incising fractional Venus Viva RF, and muscle relaxants and dermal fillers


Regular injectables and fillers every four to six months will improve the skin and smoothness. Some patients may opt for a surgical option including a blepharoplasty (eyelid correction).

"These days we lead active, social lives. It is best to use simple techniques such as great skincare, replacing lost volume and muscle relaxants to feel your best"


There are significant differences between product and its not just based on cost. Typically cosmeceuticals available through medically-based clinics such as Dermal Distinction have more evidence-based studies. Also the quality and quantity of the ingredients and the delivery system are important.
Many cheaper creams do not contain enough concentrations of active ingredients and lack the delivery systems necessary for effective results. Ingredients that are super-potent include topical
vitamin C, natural pigment inhibitors such as liquorice root and bearberry extract.


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