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Dermal Distinction

dr giulia d'anna

Dentist & Dermal Therapist

  • How skin changes as you age >
    Hormonal changes in skin

    How do I look after my skin in menopause?
    Should I change my skincare at different ages?

    Your skin is a dynamic organ that changes over the years due to genetics and environmental challenges that it faces.
    I am not just talking about little lines and wrinkles. I am talking about deeper changes that occur, affecting the way your skin functions.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Why is my skin breaking out? >
    How to fix your skin

    How do I fix my skin?
    Why is my skin breaking out?

    Ah, the silly season. So silly, isn’t it?
    We drink, we eat, we nap and eat again, dance and do all the fun things on weeknights we wouldn’t normally.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • How to make your skin glow >
    Easy party preparation for skin

    What is the best prep for my skin?
    How do I make my skin glow?

    It is easy to focus on our hair and makeup when getting ready for the party season, but your skin and smile should be centre of attention. Here are some easy tips to rev up your regime before the end of year celebrations begin.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • How to simplify your skin routine >
    Skin exfoliation & more

    How do I look after my skin?
    Do I really need to exfoliate?

    For many women the morning and evening routine of cleansers, serums, lotions and potions can be an exhausting one. Throw some makeup application into the mix (if you like wearing makeup) and it makes what should be a quick job seem like a marathon.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Everything you need to know about this cosmetic injector >
    Dr Giulia; everything you need to know

    What is a cosmetic dentist?
    What is new in dentistry?

    Dr. Giulia D’Anna graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1996 as a dentist, and later graduated from the AACDS as a dermal therapist. She established iDental in 1998, and is committed to great results. Giulia attributes her drive for business success from her father, who always had huge motivation and drive to push for better performance in his business every single day.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • How to get rid of under eye bags >
    Under-eye bags and what to do

    How do I get rid of under eye bag and dark circles?
    Will tear trough dermal filler work for me?

    Under-eye bags and dark circles are aesthetic ailments that many of us have. There are many schools of thought on the topic of under-bags and dark circles. Some think the appearance of them comes down to the natural ageing process while others believe it is a result of your diet or genetics.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • LED & skin: Photo Dynamic Therapy >
    LED facials

    What is Allumera treatment?
    What is an LED facial?

    Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a treatment that utilises a drug called a photosensitised and a particular colour o light to activate it. When exposed to a specific wavelength of light, a form of oxygen is produced that kills nearby cells.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • What are the best treatments for acne scars >
    Acne and scars

    Want to know what is the best treatment for acne scars?
    Does acne scar treatment work?

    Anyone who’s ever had acne will tell you it’s not fun. But for some, the physical and emotion pain of having all sorts of different types of pimples doesn’t end when they heal, because they leave behind acne scars.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • How to get rid of blackheads >
    Blackhead removers

    Should you remove blackheads?
    How should you remove blackheads?

    Let’s be honest here – if you look in the mirror and spot a blackhead on your face, you’re going to pick at it. And if you’re going to pick at it, it’s better to use a blackhead extractor than your fingers.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • How to look after your skin >
    Skin you live in

    Always wondered which skincare is best for dry skin?
    Or what about how often should you exfoliate?

    There is so much hype about lotions for your skin, it is hard to know what is actually true. Our skin is a dynamic organ, consisting of a few layers. In this article, I will focus on the outermost layer, the epidermis and ways of improving your skin health with some key ingredients.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • The best 7 skincare ingredients >
    Skincare ingredients you need

    The 7 Skincare Ingredients You Need For A Flawless Face
    Reading an ingredients list on your beauty serum can sometimes feel like you’re doing brain surgery with all those confusing names. And, how can you tell which ones are actually good for your skin?

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Everything you need to know about your skin >
    Beauty Insider skin tips

    Everything you need to know about your skin.
    When it comes to fillers, nearly everyone has an opinion. So, we decided it was time to get an expert involved and play our very own version of 'Dermal Doctor' (if you will). Enter: Dr Giulia D'Anna, founder of Dermal Distinction, who kindly (and very patiently) answered our myriad of questions.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Alternatives to Salicyclic Acid for acne & breakouts >
    How to deal with acne

    How do I get rid of acne?
    What causes pimples?

    Suffering from acne breakouts? Chances are you’ve already tried one of the most common dermatologically-recommended ingredients to help tackle spots: Salicylic acid.

    Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that works to remove excess oil, get rid of dead skin cells, and dry out pimples.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • The best way to shave your legs >
    Leg shaving tips

    What is the correct way to shave your legs?
    Did someone teach you how to shave your legs?

    Because we can’t recall anyone giving us an offical rundown on the proper way to do it. Hands up who else has just been slathering shaving cream/body wash/shampoo on their legs and just going for it since day one? Because, SAME.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Super handy guide to laser Hair removal >
    Laser Hair removal

    This is your ultimate guide to the best permanent hair removal methods. Sick of shaving? We hear you! While it’s a quick and inexpensive option for hair removal, regrowth happens quickly and the process can often wreak havoc on your skin if you’re not doing it correctly (find out how to shave your legs properly here!). If this sounds like you, it could be time to consider laser hair removal.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Everything you need to know about dermal filler >
    Ultimate dermal filler guide

    This is the ultimate guide on everything you need to know about dermal filler.
    When it comes to fillers, nearly everyone has an opinion. So, we decided it was time to get an expert involved and play our very own version of 'Dermal Doctor' (if you will). Enter: Dr Giulia D'Anna, founder of Dermal Distinction, who kindly (and very patiently) answered our myriad of questions.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Lip Filler at the dentist >
    Everything you need to know about lip filler

    These days, getting lip fillers is almost as common as getting your nails done, having your hair coloured or watching three seasons of Gossip Girl in one serving. And while we're all for doing whatever makes you feel good (go you!), it's probably worth doing some research before skipping into a clinic and getting jabbed in the face willy nilly. Mmmkay?

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • 7 age defying skincare ingredients >
    Keep your skin looking young

    The best anti-ageing ingredients for your skin.

    The pursuit of youth is something women the world over are perennially in search of. But according to one skin expert and the founder of Dermal Distinction, Dr Giulia D'Anna, there are seven ingredients you should be incorporating into your skin regime if you want to look younger.

    | R E A D + M O R E | and | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Ultimate guide to the best permanent hair removal >
    Laser, IPL and electrolysis

    This is your ultimate guide to the best permanent hair removal methods. Read more to find out what is the best permanent hair removal treatments.
    Whatever you opt to do with your body hair — whether you want to wear it proudly or laser it off for smooth skin head-to-toe — we support you 100 per cent. If you do decide to move ahead with the latter, there are numerous things to consider — crucially, your method of removal. There are a few professional options; electrolysis, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Laser hair removal.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • How to deal with sensitive skin >
    Sensitive skin causes

    How do you treat sensitive skin?
    What causes skin to be sensitive?

    Dr D'anna answers these questions and more.
    Many women suffer from sensitive, tight, reactive skin and if you're one of them, you'll know how much of an issue it can be.

    Sensitive skin is not just uncomfortable - if severe it causes pain and also, can cause embarrassment, especially if it involves redness. All in all - it's not something you want to in your life.

    | R E A D + M O R E | and | R E A D + M O R E |

  • How does skin needling work? >
    Micro needling and skin

    What does skin needling do?
    Does skin needling hurt?

    Read what Dr Giulia D'Anna, our expert in skin needling, had to say.
    Collagen Induction treatment has been around for such a long time.
    Every second skin clinic seems to use this term. But what is it? Here we will discuss the key concepts around Collagen induction.
    Collagen is produced by cells called fibroblasts that are located in the inner layer of the skin called the Dermis.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Dry body brushing and cellulite >
    Dealing with Cellulite

    Does dry body brushing really work?
    Does dry body brushing tighten skin?

    Find out here.
    There’s always a new beauty treatment getting around that promises to smooth dimples, tone your butt or get rid of cellulite. But to be honest, most of them usually turn out to be a total flop and there’s nothing worse than wasting your time and money on marketing fluff and temporary fixes.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • The best skin care for your age >
    Skin health with age

    How do you keep your skin healthy?
    What changes happen in the skin as we get older?

    Skin health is central to vitality and skin youthfulness. It doesn't matter whether you believe in medical intervention or not, you cannot deny that your skin is an organ. In fact it is the largest organ that we have, and we need to look after it to keep it healthy, looking supple and radiant. I truly believe that we should eat well, include lots of healthy fruits and vegetables, and look for fresh in-season food whenever possible.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Cosmetic dentistry >
    Cosmetic dentistry
    Stacks Image 2193

    Everything you need to know about dentistry

  • Simple things you can do for better skin >
    Skin Deep

    How do I get better skin?
    What makes skin healthy?

    The mystery of how to get healthier skin, and what are the best vitamins for your skin are demystified in this article.
    Skin health relies on a great diet, and a good skincare regime. But often I am asked about what really helps skin to look less wrinkled and more youthful.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Retinol vs Bakuchiol: What are the alternatives? >
    Is there a retinol alternative?
    Stacks Image 2782

    What are retinols?
    What about reship oil?
    Can I use retinol when pregnant?

    Our skin is constantly undergoing self renewal, and is battling the environment and damage that comes from that every day. This can be in the form of chemicals, pollution and especially UV from the sun. This causes detrimental effects, otherwise known in the skin care world as Extrinsic ageing. Basically all of those little traumas are oxidants, and we need cell renewal and anti-oxidants to help intervene to repair the damage. This then helps to reduce ageing.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Skin care based on your skin type >
    Determine the best skin care for your skin type
    Stacks Image 2793

    Is your skin oily, dry, sensitive, pigmented or showing the signs of ageing?
    What is the best skin care for your skin type?
    Here Dr Giulia D'Anna discusses how to determine your skin type, and then the best skin care options to help you see real results.

    | R E A D + M O R E |

  • Busting anti-ageing myths >
    Studio 10 with Kerri-Anne

    Find out the myths vs reality on anti-ageing.
    The beauty industry offers plenty of solutions for looking young, but which ones actually work? Dermal therapist Giulia D'Anna joins us to bust some myths.

    Dr G sat down with the Studio 10 team, Sarah Harris, Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Angela Bishop to discuss what works, and what is a myth!

  • Dermal Filler: Myths and truths >
    The real truth about Dermal Filler
    what is dermal filler

    So what is a dermal filler?
    Lots of people have an idea of what they think fillers are, how they are used and what happens during treatment. However filler can be quite different to what you might think. Here Dr Giulia D’Anna discusses dermal filler and helps to highlight the benefits, but also break down the myths.

    |_ R E A D + M O R E _|

  • Sweating, and all the small stuff >
    The real truth about Dermal Filler
    Sweating article in Us strong magazine

    What is normal sweating?
    What is the difference between anti-perspirant and deodorant?
    How can I stop sweating?
    Dr Giulia answers all these questions and more in her very detailed article about sweating, so you can stop worrying about it and live your best life

    |_ R E A D + M O R E _|

  • Covid-19 Vaccine & dermal fillers

    Are you worried about the Vaccine and filler?
    Have you heard reports that the vaccine causes problems?
    Dr Giulia answers all these questions and more in her very detailed article about the interaction between filler and the covid-19 vaccine, so you can stop worrying about it and live your best life

    |_ R E A D + M O R E _|

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