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The first step of skin analysis is to find out a little about you. Your dermal therapist will discuss your skin concerns, medical history and assess your skin with our Observ imaging system. From this first step of the skin analysis, you will learn about your skin type & condition.


Experience skincare

Once we have started your skin analysis, our Skin Sensory Experience will give you everything you need to truly look after your skin. It is really important that you get to test-drive out Aspect Dr skincare, Cosmedix skincare and other products as part of the Skin analysis. We cleanse and apply the perfect skin care products for you. You will gain essential information about application of Aspect Dr and Cosmedix skincare products and an insight into which ingredients are best for you.


Skin Treatments

The final component of your skin analysis is to determine the best professional treatments for you. We will recommend skin treatments including Aspect Dr and Cosmedix chemical peels, or other treatments to really address your skin concerns.
$70 or FREE when you purchase the recommended products. 45 mins


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Let's get you started on your skin care journey. We will start with a thorough consultation to see what skin type your have, what skincare products are right for you, and what treatments are best for your skin condition.

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