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Redness & Dehydration

Dermal Distinction
Cosmetic Injectables | Clinical Skin Care

Redness & Dehydration

Dermal Distinction
Cosmetic Injectables | Clinical Skin Care

Broken Capillary treatments

Sensitive Skin & Rosacea

Skin that easy flushes is often referred to as Couperose, whereas skin that is permanently flushed is called Rosacea.

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disorder affecting 10% of the population. It occurs mostly in fair-skinned females over the age of 30, but. can also occur in men. The exact cause is not known. However there can be many triggers; leaky gut, thinner skin and irritants that are used on the skin such as cosmetics with a high alcohol content. Symptoms include dilated capillaries, inflammation, transient or persistent facial flushing, papule/pustules, pain or stinging skin, itchy skin, extreme skin dryness and dehydration.

skincare for sensitive skin
skincare for pregnancy


Skin cleansing is important to remove pollution, cosmetics and bacteria. Moisturisers support the skin barrier and provide hydration. To reduce irritation, sunscreens are essential, especially physical sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are best as they sit on the skin, and contain fewer irritants than their chemical counterparts.

Serums should contain antioxidants for their anti-inflammatory action. Great ingredients are Ginko biloba, green tea, Aloe vera, allantoin and liquorice. Vitamin A or retinol need to be lower strength and encapsulated to help assist in exfoliation, but without stripping the skin.



Dermafrac works on the upper layers of skin, with no down time leaving the Face & Neck radiant and glowing. $245

The Dermafrac treatment
Step 1: Double cleanse & exfoliate the skin.
Step 2: The Dermafrac roller has micro needles that stimulate collagen & cell renewal. The skin is infused with potent serums to boost treatment.
Step 3: LED therapy promotes collagen & suppresses inflammation and redness.

Upgrade: Intense Super-charged 20 min LED treatment with additional Hydrating mask to be used for 3 days $40


Laser Facial

At Dermal Distinction, we start your Laser Genesis Facial Toning appointment with exfoliation. We perform an Aspect Fruit Enzyme Peel that gently exfoliates and dissolves dead skin build-up to allow the laser to penetrate and treat more effectively. Our Laser Sensation Toning facial uses a combination of wavelengths over your face to improve your outcome. Post-treatment, a Société Gel Peptide Mask is applied to soothe and hydrate. $245

Upgrade option:
Addition of an Aspect Dr Lactic peel to allow for improved penetration and smoother focussed laser light benefits. $110

Vasculyse RF

VascuLyse uses mild RadioFrequency (RF) to generate targeted ‘heat energy’ to capillary vessels, effectively eliminating skin blemishes without damaging the skin. It is fast, relatively painless and produces immediate results for many skin blemishes. We only treat the cheeks and face.

Most skin conditions can be successfully and permanently treated in 1-3 treatments without any risk of lesion to the skin itself. This is most effective on the face. $129 (15 mins)


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