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Face Aesthetics

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Face aesthetics| Overview

What makes a face aesthetic?

Faces need harmony between the features, meaning that all the different parts should work together. Sometimes if there is something slightly too low, or slightly too small, or something similar, the proportions are thrown out to our eye. I know this sounds "artsy", but our eyes know what looks appealing to us, and what doesn't look as good.

Our cosmetic health practitioner will speak to you about your goals and the best way to achieve these whoever the main target areas include:

+ Under the eyes and near the eyebrows
+ The cheeks
+ The jowls
+ The temples
+ Folds between the nose and mouth
+ Any area of folding, deflation or draping on the face

What happens as we get older?

As we age, multiple changes within the face can result in a tired look with lower face sagging, flattening of the cheeks, lines and wrinkles and lacklustre skin.

Changes that occur with ageing are a result of changes to the skin secondary to environmental factors (sun damage, smoking, diet), genetic factors and changes to the underlying fat, musculature and bone.

When we look at the full face aesthetics, we can help to combat the changes that occur with ageing, helping to slow down the sagging and folds/winkles that occur over time. The whole Face approach is a holistic view, where we select the areas that need skin treatments (such as pigmentation or milia), and those areas that need a cosmetic medical approach. This results in a natural look with facial features working in harmony with one another.

Will I still look natural?

By using specifically identified treatment points at precise anatomical landmarks, the full face aesthetic approach can deliver consistent results by supporting the different layers of the face, such as the epidermis (outer layer of skin), right through to the bone support. Further treatments can also be addressed as time goes by, to maintain the results achieved as part of the rejuvenation treatment plan.

Our cosmetic practitioner will measure your face and determine where the structural components of your face should sit. This is specific to you, and you only. Each treatment technique is based on your cosmetic consultation, where we begin developing a plan to complement your existing best face features.

You will look exactly like you!

What does the full face aesthetic treatment involve?

The treatment can vary, but all of our treatments are non-surgical and with minimal down time. A consultation with our cosmetic health practitioner is essential prior to having any treatment. A treatment plan will be arranged to address individual concerns and desired aesthetic outcome.

Treatments will be placed in order of best results, addressing the various areas of the face to give maximal results. In the majority of cases specifically defined treatment areas will be used to give maximum impact, without the need to undertake treatments that will not give you good results.. Various techniques may be used depending on individual requirements.

The full consultation will take approximately 45 minutes.

The amount of treatment used in a full face aesthetic treatment does vary. We will discuss these with you during the planning stages of your cosmetic consultation. Treatment may need to be repeated in order to obtain maximal results. Some procedures may require prescription products to undertake the treatments.

What treatments are possible with non surgical treatments?

Combination treatment usually works best, where we address multiple layers of the face. It should never be underestimated how much the skin appearance plays a part in the overall face aesthetic balance. If there is a large area of breakout, this will be more noticeable that a soft line or wrinkle. So addressing this concern with chemical peels or similar treatment may be required.

Wrinkle treatments can reduce the lines on the skin, also improving the overall face aesthetics. Treatments that are aimed at volume loss will also improve the face contours. These again will require a cosmetic consultation before we undertake any treatments.

Skin tightening treatments, like Venus Viva RF and a toning Laser facial can also assist in helping to resist sagging and improve skin quality.

Great skincare will also help to look after the investment you make in yourself. We will recommend high quality, moderately priced products to suit your skin and assist your rejuvenation process.

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Can you show me some before and after photos of your anti-ageing cosmetic treatments?

We cannot display these results on our website or social media so that we abide by the regulatory guidelines of TGA and AHPRA. However when you come in for your consultation, we can discuss the expected outcomes of treatment, and what treatment results might mean for you.


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