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Cosmetic Options in Balwyn

As individuals, we all have different reasons for wanting to change the way we look and ultimately the way we feel.

The muscles of the face allow us to express a range of emotions such as happiness, sadness and anger. And we don't want to change your ability to express yourself. We recognise that our clients want to look softer, not 'frozen'. They prefer to look healthy, rather than 'worked on'. And finally they want to glow, not look 'fake'.

We also lose fat in our face as we get older. Part of our holistic approach is to target the entire face, enhancing you and your features using treatment modalities that suit your face.

You will receive a dental examination prior to any treatments. We are a dental clinic and it is important that we assess your dental health. Skin treatments will be undertaken as a part of a full assessment.

Dr. Giulia is known for achieving very natural results for her clients. We believe that in most cases a conservative cosmetic skin treatment approach is the best way to achieve our refined, defined and refreshed look.

Dr D'Anna's role is to guide your treatment and determine the best plan for you. Treatment will be carried out at iDental, and where necessary, we will refer you to the appropriate practitioner. She works with a team of aesthetic medical doctors and plastic surgeons when required for additional treatments.

We have treatment that is:
1. Based on a consultation
2. Planned around your needs
3. Device-based or Prescribed for you.

Dermal filler treatment areas

Lip treatment

Dr. Giulia will assess your natural lip and carefully tailor your treatment to suit your face. Since Dr Giulia is a dentist, she will provide you with comfortable treatment, whilst addressing your lip shape. As with any non-surgical cosmetic treatment, a consultation will be provided, where treatment options will be discussed with you. Our techniques and treatments are customised to you and your desired outcomes. We have options to ensure you are comfortable through any non-surgical lip shape treatment. Ultimately, Dr. Giulia will approach your treatment based on the best combination of non-surgical techniques to achieve the right result for your lips after considered assessment.

What types of lip treatments are there?

1. Subtle volume treatments - This will add volume but not a lot of structure. This is perfect for the person who would like a very natural lip shape change whilst maintaining their original overall shape

2. Natural Lip Form - this adds both volume and some structure to the lip. We can improve the lip line, without creating lip borders that are exaggerated.

3. Volume Lip - Firmness, volume and lip shape, all whilst being naturally fuller.

4. Super Lip Plumper - this adds definition that is photo ready! We can define the lip line, lip shape and add volume all in the one procedure. The Super lip plumper goes the distance and is for those that want to be noticed.

anti wrinkle treatment areas

Wrinkle treatments | Balwyn

What are wrinkle treatments do you offer?

Wrinkle treatments can improve the skin health and function, and we provide both treatment options at Dermal Distinction.

Dynamic wrinkles are caused by repetitive facial muscle movement. As the muscles move, the skin contracts and the collagen fibres in the dermis break. The body’s ability to restore these fibres and generate new collagen depletes as we age, and the wrinkles stay in place, even when the muscles are at rest.

Some wrinkle treatments address the skin health and thickness, whilst other address movement of the muscles. Our clinic offers treatments for the cosmetic improvement of wrinkles, and a consultation will be required before we go ahead with treatment.

What happens at my consultation?

During your cosmetic consultation, we will discuss your areas of concern with you. We will then talk to you about your preferred treatment options, including skin treatments such as chemical peels and skincare, along with your non-surgical skin treatment options.

Before going ahead, we will talk to you about timing of treatment, risks and the cost of treatment. When you are ready to go ahead, treatment will be undertaken. In some cases this will be on the same day as your consultation. Some times, treatment will take place after your consultation to give you the best results.


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